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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 207

Lisa, from was nice enough to give us a free file for the Maltese Cross. I used the KNK cutting file and personalized it for the St. Anna Fire  Dept. On Tuesday of this week the fire department responded to a dumpster fire. When the water hit the hot metal it exploded, killing 33 year old Steven Koeser, known to his fellow fire fighters as "Peanut".  8 other members of this small rural volunteer fire department were also injured. They also lost a lot of their equipment. When I saw this file I thought it would make a nice 12x12 tile for the St. Anna Fire Department to have in "Peanuts" memory.


  1. Im so sorry to hear this sad news, Im sure the fire department will love to have this in their department.

    So wonderful of you to do such an awesome gift for them.

    Thanks, for sharing.

  2. Nancy,

    This is a beautiful tribute to the fallen firefighter. This story served to remind me how precious and fragile life is and how much repect we owe those that literally risk their lives to protect us and our property.

    Thank you for sharing.