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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 227

I made this tile for "Anna Banana", a lifeguard at the pool where we swim three days a week. Anna just turn 22 and was 19 when we met her. She is going to school to be a special ed teacher .

Her dad and my husband were good friends in high school. Anyhow, Anna is just a sweetheart and our son Jim loves her! He so looks forward to seeing her and is very sad if she isn't there. She always takes the time to visit with Jim.
I must have cut this saying a half dozen times and never liked the end result. Finally on I found a font called Fabulous 50's and it was just what I needed. I did have to do a small amount of editing...just break path and eliminate some tiny cuts. And always remember when you think you are done to weld. So often the fonts look great when you have fill turned on but unless you weld you may be "chopping up" the saying.
I also found out how to tell if a tile will be easy to drill through or not, and that is to make sure you are buying wall tile and not floor tile. Makes sense, you usually need to be able to drill through a wall tile but generally not through a floor tile.

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