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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 252

I really like this bunny from My Scrap Chick. Like the bear from yesterday it is in the "tear bear" fashion but the KNK does the work. My daughter has picked a stuffed animal with each of her 2 children and from birth to age 1 took a picture of them each month to show their growth. Gavin had an elephant who is still his best friend, Hailey has a pink bunny. So the big pink bunny will go to my daughter to be used on a scrapbook page. The little white bunny doesn't have a home yet. :O)


  1. Your Bear and Bunnies are really cute!

  2. I can give that little white bunny a home. Just kidding. Pam

  3. OMAG! (Oh my aching goodness) These bunnies are sooooo adorable. I like the bear, but these two are irresistable!