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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 171

Happy Thanksgiving!
I am waiting for the guests to arrive! I hope I have everything ready and didn't forget anything.
At the retreat Sandy had some cute placecards that she had made and she shared the file with us. So it is what I made for our Thanksgiving. I used brown vinyl for the names so that I didn't have to glue on all the putzy letters. I made 30 of them and they went pretty fast. I used the Coordinations paper so I sanded the edges of the pumpkins.
Last Thanksgiving dinner doubled as our son Joshua's funeral dinner. He passed away the Saturday before Thanksgiving. I really don't remember much of it, other than I didn't cook, everyone else did.
As a family we are truly blessed. There is my mom, her 8 children, assorted spouses, both current and ex's still come for the Holidays. There are 16 grandkids and 9.5 great's in the family. In the 59 years since my parents married we only lost my dad and our Josh. We are a family that gets along and who support one another. Our parents did good!

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  1. Nancy,
    Your parents did a great job. Your projects are wonderful. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Pam