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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 15

I love this saying! Although it is linked to the Breast Cancer Support Group, I think it is appropriate for any woman battling an illness.
This is another simple card...I think that is about all I do. I don't have the patience to spend an hour on a card. The "Fight Like a Girl " was designed and cut on my KNK and then just glued to a pretty piece of pink paper.


  1. Please don't stop!! Your site just became one of my "favourites"! I love the simplicity of your cards and will check back every day to see what you are creating. They are both beautiful and do-able! Thank you!

  2. Hi I saw your comment to me in the KNK group and trotted over for a look at your blog. I love what I see and this card is just brilliant. I think the simplest things are quite often the most gorgeous. Keeping it simple is a good motto. Keep up the occasional card for us to see they are really sweet. smiles Michelle