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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 665

My grandson loves angry birds. I went in search of angry bird files and found SVG's free on If you have a KNK and do not have MTC you can download Inkscape for free, import the SVG into inkscape, save it as an EPS and then import the EPS into KNK. Sounds like a lot of steps but it goes fast and so worth it for a free file. My nephew is having a Birthday on the 9th. Now mind you, he is going to be 36, but hopefully he will like this card. :O)  The black background for the bird is textured paper, the rest is vinyl. I love using vinyl because there is no gluing little pieces! But it would work just as well using all paper.
The site above has many other files like Hello Kitty, Max and Ruby, check it out. If you need help converting just let me know.

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