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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 447

 A friend gave us a Birthday card that I she had made at a workshop. It was a little 4x4 card, very cute and different. I decided to use the same design but make it larger. It is a trifold card that is also like an easel card. The picture on the left is of it standing, on the right laying down closed. The Happy Birthday is cut from vinyl using the KNK.
My computer is having major technical difficulties and so I checked to see how old it is. It is almost 8 years old! I put off getting a new one because I hate the thought of going through everything and deciding what to move. I have an external hard drive, so most everything is in two places which helps. It would be nice if the computer fairy came and had a new computer all set up and ready to go. But just in case, I will probably order a new one. :O)

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