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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 427

Each month I have 12 hours without my children. Stacy, who has helped us for 14 years, takes the kids for 6 hours every other Saturday. Usually my husband and I try to do something away from the house. Today he wanted to hook up the pellet stove in the barn/ garage so I decided to clean my room. I turned on TLC...I NEVER have the TV on during the day so this was a treat. Well, after 2 flip this house type shows the rest of the day was filled with hoarder shows. Holy crap. At my house you can see the floors and furniture, but there is still too much stuff. I want to be a minimalist. Once the shows were on, everywhere I looked there was stuff, stuff that I didn't need. I have tons of stamps, some very nice SU and CTMH stamps, and I hate stamping. I have enough card parts to make 1000 plus cards. And so as I cleaned I tossed. Not stamps, just card part. :O) I put a batch together for when Gavin is here because he can use 20 card parts on one card. I went through my stamps and most will be sold. I went through my card rack and have at least 100 cards for the veterans home. I spent at least 6 hours and I still have a long ways to go. I am getting rid of anything I didn't use in a year. And any card parts that made the save cut need to be gone in 3 months or they are out of here. Then on to the rest of the house.
The card shown today was made from card parts. It is a stamp, one of the few I use and kept. The little girl just makes me smile.

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