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Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 286

Spring in Wisconsin. We went from having temps in the 70's to 6 inches of snow yesterday!
And my card making abilities have been much like the weather. When I actually have time to sit down it seems like any creativity has gone else where. Yesterday I made 3 cards, each from My Scrap Chick patterns which are usually pretty fool proof.
The flower pot card is such a cute idea but I never seem to make a cute end result. Maybe because I didn't use the flower that came with the pattern. The Sunny Face was also from My Scrap Chick and once again not so great. The eyebrows and smile are freehand and somehow I managed to make them look evil. The Thanks card is a bit "friendlier" than the Happy Birthday. The Thanks is a Cricut pattern cut from vinyl and the Happy Birthday was also cut from vinyl.I did make a few tiles which turned out great, but then you just cut it out and stick it on, it doesn't require one ounce of creativity.


  1. Nancy,

    These cards are ALL adorable!!!! You are one of the most creative people I know!!!

    Colleen P

  2. I am always inspired by all that you create! You are wonderful :)