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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 68

Well it has been one of those days! I was busy all day and didn't get one thing done.
I had made some things using my Cuttlebug and white core paper, but they had all been dark colors. I wanted to do a light color so went to my LSS , The Creation Station, and bought a sweet shade of pink and some paper to make things for Hailey Grace, my 2 month old granddaughter. (How is that for a sentence?) I got home and tried cutting the paper and it was like sawing through rock. No matter how I adjusted the blade and pressure it was bad. So I decided to take a break, clean and respray my mat. The next paper, even though it was a textured cardstock stuck to the mat like glue and was so stuck on it curled when it came off. But still a crappy cut, and I almost always get good cuts. So I changed the blade...that was it. It cut like a charm
So I decided to cut vinyl and got the start of a cute card but am too tired to finish it.
This card was made from a free file that I found when I first got my KNK. It used double sided paper and when you cut it you then folded the cuts into hearts. To me, it was like magic. I didn't know about double sided paper let alone foldables.
Tomorrow is another day. :O)

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