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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 355

This has to be one of my favorites of all of the things that I have made. I am not sure what it was originally, it wasn't a frame, maybe the top of a display? I bought it at a rummage sale for $2 last year and I knew I would eventually find the perfect vinyl project for it. It is about 24 inches long and 10 inches tall.  sell ready to cut files. Many are just sayings like this that you could design yourself, especially if you have KNK Studio. But for $1.95 it makes sense to get the file and be ready to go. I have many of their files because they are an instant gift if placed on a tile.
My boys, Leo and Alf, got their annual hair cuts today, just in time for our 90 degree weather this weekend. Maybe tomorrow I will post their pictures.

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