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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 148

No new pictures today. This weekend was my husband's 40th class reunion. Hard to believe when you are barely past 40, but it is true. So that is how we spent most of yesterday. The first few reunions were huge "parties", this was much more a " get together".
Today my daughter wanted to paint my grandson's room so I went to watch Gavin and Hailey while she painted. It was "one of those days". Hailey was sick and had to be held, Gavin was sick and decided to be naughty, I opened the door to check on the painting progress and Sierra, the black lab decided to go in and rub up against the wall so that her side and tail were painted tan. We could have used more sitters, Grama wasn't doing so well today!
Darcy from Darcy's designs and Tina from Card-I-ology have their own website now and are offering some "candy". Check it out at

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