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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 132

My nephew Mike is turning 21 this week so this card is for him. It folds on the right rather than the left. Knowing Mike, he will be drunk and won't even notice. :O) I love the boy but he is more like 15 than 21. Drinking age should go by maturity rather than age and there would be 50 year olds who couldn't drink. :O) Enough said.
I made this card in KNK, typed 21, duplicated it and flipped the duplicate. Then I welded the 2 together, added a red pounce line and cut. The first one I cut from the blue patterned paper and forgot to do cut by color and cut the pounce line. So I then did it again using white cardstock, and this time set the red pounce line to cut by color and pounce. Worked great and I used the screwed up blue card as the front for the card. Make any sense at all?

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