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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 122

This card was designed in KNK Studio and cut with my KNK. The Jacob was welded and along with the 8 cut from patterned paper. The Happy Birthday was cut from messy glueing on little letters, just some transfer tape and it is on the card.
My days have been so busy lately, not sure why. I guess this time of the year the garden takes some extra time. Maybe it is why I enjoy winter so much!
I hope all of you make some time to do the things that you enjoy!
Tomorrow I am off to watch my sweet grandkids . Gavin, age 3 ,knocked out his second front tooth this weekend. He looks like a minature 7 year old with his 2 front top teeth missing. Hopefully he gets this out of his system before the permanent teeth come in. Thankfully, his Uncle is a dentist!

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