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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 29

Christmas Cards??? Last year I donated a bunch of cards that I had made to a local nursing home for the residents to use. Many are only allowed $65 a month to cover all personal items, and that doesn't go very far. I had received a bunch of "sample card fronts" in the mail and rather than throw them out (waste not, want not) I glued them to the front of blank cards and stamped the inside with a message. My goal is to have 100 cards done by Veteran's day. This year I will donate them to the State Veterans home. It is simple to do and a mindless way to create. I also include all occasion cards so that they have some available for Birthdays and such. We all make cards that when we get done with them they aren't what we had in mind but are still perfectly fine. It is a good way to recycle them!

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