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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 26

Yesterday we colored Easter Eggs. We haven't done that in years because there never seemed to be enough time. I knew it had been a long time when my daughter Tash thought they would be chocolate eggs. :O)

Today I managed to finish cleaning the flower beds. Another one of those things that in years past would have taken forever to get done. It was nice to have them done, but also a sad time.

I told my husband that I realized why my dad, father of 8, liked to garden and do yard work. You have peace and quiet and the kids don't bother you for fear you will put them to work.
My card today is a congratulations card using a Cricut file and cut on my KNK. I made one for a friend, and when I cut a file I usually cut several so I can make several cards at the same time. They all generally each turn out just a bit different.

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